Paul Clark

Paul Clark


Paul ‘Wally’ Clark is a product of sunshine and the beach, raised in Southern California. Being a people person, Wally earned his living in the service industry in Orange County and during a successful career he was given an opportunity of a lifetime.

A good friend needed a strategic level manager to handle business affairs with a company in Mexico involved in non-ferrous metal recovery. Wally accepted the sales and shipping assignment in Grand Cayman with the agreement that, within a year, he would evaluate the opportunity and make a longer-term decision. Well, 20-years later, Wally remains in the Cayman Islands.

After an effective 10-year assignment, the company turned its focus to building and managing rental properties. He became part owner and manager of Peregrine Properties Ltd and has been instrumental in numerous development projects over the past decade.

Mr. Clark was recruited to Beacon Farms as an Advisory Board Member because of his entrepreneurial background and his knowledge of the many details involved with property development and management.