About Us

Beacon Farms – A History

Beacon Farms was the vision of Frank ‘Bud’ Volinsky, Granger Haugh and Scott Haugh. The three worked together on several projects to support sober living with The Bridge Foundation and agreed that there was a need for the next step in rehabilitation. Recidivism levels for those in recovery are increased due to lack of appropriate, safe, sober living environments. Many of those recovering from substance abuse issues have few housing, educational, or employment resources available, and are prone to fall back into old behaviors, and poor decision making, which often results in repeated legal involvement. The vision for Beacon Farms is to facilitate a variety of educational and skills programs for residents who are committed to improving their quality of life and avoiding legal issues.

Scott Haugh, Granger’s son, is a well-respected leader in rehabilitation services and the concept of the ‘Continuum of Care’ in Seattle, Washington. Scott is a Certified Chemical Dependency Professional with nearly a decade of experience in the field. Granger is a successful retired entrepreneur and has ample experience in building business models from the ground floor. Bud is the founder of a very successful transitional housing facility (The Bridge Foundation) and he has a long career in construction management.

The Haugh Family Foundation has provided the investment to purchase the Beacon Farms property along with the needed capital to renovate the structures and till the land in preparation for planting a variety of crops. Scott is providing the professional direction to ensure quality services for the residents assigned to Beacon Farms. Bud has provided the operational leadership and has supervised the overall operation that will facilitate housing and jobs with the vision of a continuum of care for dozens of men and women annually.

The Haugh Family Foundation is led by Granger and Margie Haugh. The couple has a 35-year relationship with the Cayman Islands and recently received permanent residence status.