Beacon of Hope – North Side Facility Helps Addicts In Recovery

Beacon of Hope – North Side Facility Helps Addicts In Recovery
September 21, 2018 beaconadmin
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Recovery after reaching rock bottom has been a long and difficult journey for Jack McLean and Emma Powell.

On Thursday (20 September,) they told Cayman 27 they were proud to have been clean and sober for eleven years between them.

“I used drugs to cover up my feelings, I used drugs because I didn’t know how to deal with life on life terms. Life sucked for me,” Emma said candidly, adding “but today is different.”

Jack, too, spoke of a vast contrast between the person he was during his addiction and where he is at today.

“I’m a success story, I say that for myself, I’m very proud, my family is very proud of me,” he said.

Both of them now work at Beacon Farms, helping others to turn their lives around, too.

Emma is also training to be an accountant and Jack sits on the farm’s board of directors.

The facility – dubbed a “three-quarter way house” – is the brain child of Bud Volinsky, Granger and Scott Haugh.

Beacon Farms is a refuge – recovering addicts come here after they have completed their rehab.

The farm provides them with opportunities to earn a living or study, a chance to get a driving licence and a bank account.

The 34 acres of land on the property offers paid work for those in recovery, but also a chance to sell the products and plough the funds back into the facility.

“They might be picking peppers, we have one guy who takes care of the greenhouses. They could be picking fruit during the mango season, right now avocados are plentiful,” Jack explained.

Surrounded by like-minded sober living people, Beacon Farms is a second chance for recovering addicts.

The people who are offering them that chance are leading by example:

“I just do everything that I can do to help others, to show others there is life after drug addiction and it can be accomplished if you do the right things,” Jack explained.

You can purchase products from Beacon Farms at the Camana Bay market and at Kirk’s and Foster’s.

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