Farm To Table

Farm to Table is the cornerstone of the entrepreneurial concept called Beacon Farms. Since the property was purchased by the Haugh Family Foundation and leased to this non-profit, many projects followed to prepare the 34-acre parcel for its mission.

The renovation of the two houses was the priority and the construction on both is complete. The men’s house, a two-story facility, will welcome six men and provide space for dining, recreation, educational programs and meetings to support recovery services. Beacon Farms CEO, Bud Volinsky, and his wife Kate are comfortably moved into the second facility, the Manager’s Residence, and they are overseeing day-to-day farming and residents’ activities.

The driveway from Frank Sound Road has been leveled, widened and enhanced to allow the delivery of the heavy equipment needed to clear the land and prepare the soil for planting. Although the property has a history of farming, the foliage had grown-over, necessitating a heavy duty clearing process, which continues as the expansive property is groomed.

One of the workhorses has been the John Deere 5100 Tractor. With a hydraulic hammer head, the John Deere has been grinding up the rock and tilling the soil, handling this monumental task in a timely manner. As crop land is cleared for planting all vegetation is chipped on site and composted so that the soil can be enriched organically. After harvest, crop debris will also be composted on site. Another revenue opportunity gained from the clearing process has been the rock that has been removed and sold to local landowners.

Moving forward, greenhouses will be constructed to develop temperature-controlled germination and cultivation environments for traditional and experimental crops.

Crops Planned for Planting

  • Mangels – Cattle Fodder, Animal Feed
  • Lavender – Oil, Flavorings
  • Sunflowers – Chicken Feed
  • Moringa – Tea Leaves
  • Stevia – Sweetener (Retail)
  • Peppers – Seasoning Peppers (Retail)
  • Tobacco – Cigars

Coconut processing – Oil, Water, Flower and Husks  

Coconut Products: no longer will Cayman coconuts go to the landfill. Beacon will process its own coconuts and others gathered on Grand Cayman. Coconut Oil, Water, Flour, and Husks will be marketed.

The Beacon Farms garage will be transformed into a soils laboratory and a clean food grade processing area. Soil nutrient testing for Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and other nutrients will allow Beacon Farms to produce its crops under organic conditions.