Sober Living Experience

A Unique Sober Living Experience

Beacon Farms is a newly organized non-profit focused on the next step in the rehabilitation of the residents assigned from The Bridge Foundation or other transitional residential environments in Grand Cayman.

This sober living operation is established to enhance its residents’ experience through a variety of entrepreneurial business activities. Beacon Farms will provide cost-effective rent and a safe-house for continued growth and commitment to sobriety.

The Beacon’s expansive property will be developed to offer Caymanians job-skills through a variety of innovative agriculture and unique business operations. Programs in literacy, computer skills and other practical and skill-based education opportunities will be provided in a tranquil setting.

Individuals living on property will be self-governed and self-supporting. They will operate within the framework and guidelines established by the Board of Directors. Beacon Farms standards include the following preconditions:

  • Zero tolerance for the consumption of alcohol or the use of drugs
  • Must be engaged in an approved work program and pay rent
  • Must maintain and respect the property
  • Must be engaged in self-directed recovery program(s)
  • Must refrain from violent behavior